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"I just finished a project with the wonderful assistance of Foo Web Development and just have to say how thrilled I was with their service! I honestly had NO idea what I was doing (still dont!), but was never treated like my questions were dumb or redundant. They really helped to lay out everything in "plain English" as far as steps I needed to take and what I needed to do next. I would often marvel that we were separated by a thousand miles, because it felt as though they were a company that was located right in my hometown. I would recommend them for any Web Design project you are considering!"
Beth Feldhacker [Beth on a Diet]

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BXSlider Does Not Work Under HTTPS

I have run in to this issue a couple times and the solution was too simple for me to come to quickly and did not show up in any google searches - so hopefully this will help anyone else who runs in to the same problem.

When your installation of bxslider (or any jquery for that matter) does not work when you open the page with https - there is a very simple solution to get it to work.

Secure pages that link to external pages must show those links with https.

How To Turn More Website Vistors into Customers - Increase Conversions and Profits

If you run an ecommerce website then - in the end - there is one goal.

imgAreaSelect Jquery Plugin Turning Transparent Png Black Bug Fix

 If you are having trouble with the Image Selecting and Cropping jquery tool turning your png black - there is an easy fix for this.

BXSLIDER jquery slideshow stops working and nothing else changed

I ran into a problem with the BXSLIDER jquery slideshow app that I am running and was befuddled since nothing on my end changed.

Images to Set You Apart

Have you ever been to a website and felt that you had been there before...

Top 10 JQuery Slideshows

Here are 10 jquery slideshows that I kind of dig.

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